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We make sense of large geospatial motion data.
Scalable visualization and analytics. Delivered.

photo © Jorge Franganillo / flickr, CC-BY 2.0

The Vantagist Approach

Anonymized motion data from logistics applications, IoT sensors, phones, and traffic statistics provide a key asset to enable better resource utilization, environmental protection, user engagement and disaster preparedness. However, visualizing and deriving insight from such data at scale is hard. At Vantagist, our mission is to provide sophisticated tools and APIs to make working with such data a breeze.

Our team is developing cloud, cluster and desktop-based software solutions for large scale visualization and analytics. We work in close interaction with our customers and focus on extracting domain-specific insight from motion data using our in-house technology stack as well as the latest advances in Machine Learning and Big Data. By building on our team's experience in these fields, we develop unique solutions enabling you to take advantage of the Vantagist approach to data insight.

Core Capabilities

Our capabilities to analyze motion data are centered around the three pillars of Data Augmentation and Cleaning, Large Scale Visualization and Advanced Analytics.


We provide Data Cleaning and Augmentation by denoising and enriching data with additional data sources and mapping motions to road networks.


Our streaming visualization pipeline is able to visualize motion data at large scale. Resulting high resolution visualizations can be shared and presented via web interfaces.


We utilize advanced machine learning and clustering methods to extract patterns from motion data leveraging our team's expertise in modeling, motion clustering and prediction.

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